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‘MAFS’ Intimacy Expert Trisha Is Leaving The Show & Being Replaced

In news befitting this hellfire of a year, everyone’s fave Married at First Sight expert Dr Trisha Stratford has confirmed she’s leaving the reality show.

She confirmed the news on the MAFS social media pages, revealing she was exiting the popular series and what her plans were for the future.

Read the post in full below:

So who will take her place? Daily Mail is reporting that Trisha will be replaced by an “American female sex therapist” as this was the person described in the first rounds of casting for the 2021 season.

Aside from John Aitken, Trisha was the longest standing expert on the panel, having worked on the series since day one. She will be sorely missed as someone who will insert the topic of “intimacy” into any and every given conversation, and for her wonderful reaction faces.

Punkee’s recaps will never be the same without her.