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LOL: Tonight’s ‘MAFS’ Retold In Hilarious Tweets

Right now in these strange and uncertain times, it’s important to keep some consistency in our lives, which for us means watching Married at First Sight and doing what we do best: judge others for meaningless entertainment.

Tonight served as a part two to last night’s boys and girls’ nights and gave us a tiny bit of actual action when Lizzie got up in Hayley’s face after a war of words with Stacey. Over with the boys, Ivan rocked up fashionably late and had to face Michael and Josh, who spent the night badmouthing him to the other fellas. Ivan hinted that he had some tea on Michael, and we’re ready for him to spill ASAP.

Aside from that drama, the rest of the episode was pretty dull as Connie and Jonethen, along with KC and Drew, went on their final dates. Honestly, the most exciting part was watching Connie make a scrapbook, so you know shit is grim. Let’s jump into the tweets!

Tonight’s Married at First Sight retold via funny tweets:

Michael and Josh told the boys their version of events of what happened with Ivan and that messy dinner party, before the man himself rocked up to try and defend himself.

Ivan later hinted that he knew something about Michael and Stacey’s relationship that could blow everything up. Pls… go on.

Hayley continued to antagonise Stacey until Lizzie jumped in to defend her and got up in Hayley’s grill. I think it’s time we all call it a night.

Connie put together a scrapbook as a gift for Johnnie, then they drove to the beach for their final date. Before Johnnie went for a surf, Connie presented him with some swimming togs printed with her face.

KC was romanced by Drew with strawberries and Prosecco aboard a fancy boat. She lapped it right up.

At a beachside dinner, Connie told Johnnie why she voted to stay and he gave her some shell earrings and adopted a penguin for her which he named “Connithen”.