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It’s Official, Australia Is In Love With Coco From ‘Married At First Sight’

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I never thought I’d be writing this, but the unexpected hero and breakout star of this season’s Married at First Sight goes by the name… Coco.

That’s right. Australia has gone cuckoo for Coco Stedman.

The MAFS bride burst on to the scene in the season’s premiere, getting some of the other women offside at the hen’s night due to her loud and eccentric personality. At first, many viewers were not vibing Coco at all and she seemed destined to become a season villain, or someone who was simply cast as a zany side character.

But in the last week, MAFS fans have come round to appreciating Coco for being unapologetically herself.

Coco has, somehow, become the hero we did not deserve. Her one-liners were grating at first, but now they’re the highlight of every episode.

One of the reasons that Coco has won people over is because she has subverted expectations for what we’ve seen on this show before. She clashed with Samantha at the hen’s party, and when Coco approached her at this week’s dinner party, most people expected Coco to try to reignite their conflict. But instead, she offered Sam friendship and understanding — something rarely seen on MAFS between women.

Then there’s Coco’s messy marriage, which she’s handled like a champ. Coco was matched with Sam, a man who on their honeymoon told her that he found her too loud, before admitting that he broke up with his ex because she didn’t have large boobs or a big bum. While some might have predicted that Coco would errr…pop off at this point, she barely reacted at all. This made Coco’s outburst on last night’s episode even more satisfying to watch, as it was a long time coming.

Her entire rant was truly iconic.

We simply must stan Coco.

Aussie viewers have fallen head over heels for Coco on Married at First Sight: