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Everyone Is Obsessed W/ Brendan & Reece’s Wholesome Friendship On ‘MasterChef’

This year’s MasterChef has brought us nothing but pure joy. From Poh Ling Yeow’s chaotic energy to Reynold Poernomo’s dessert wizardry, but the breakout stars have to be Brendan Pang and Reece Hignell.

Both fellas met when they starred on season ten together, and their wholesome friendship on All-Stars has become one of the biggest talking points on Twitter in recent weeks. Brendan and Reece clearly come as a package deal and we love to see it.

Since meeting on the 2018 season, Brendan and Reece have become inseparable — and along with other series fave Jess Liementara — frequently feature on each other’s social media posts.

They are so close that Brendan revealed that Reece was one of the first people who he came out to, before he came out publicly last year. “I’d always kind of looked up to Reece as a role model. When I was eliminated we spent a bit of time together before I left to come home and I just opened up to him,” Brendan said in a recent interview.

“You can imagine Reece’s reaction…It was like his reaction when Katy Perry walked in [to the MasterChef kitchen].” For those who missed this momentous moment, it was a combination of manic enthusiasm and unbridled glee.

The two talented cooks have since forged a close bond, and while working alongside each other on this season of MasterChef are commonly seen treating each other like siblings, often bickering and taking the piss out of one another. Like in this hilarious scene:

The boys are so funny and entertaining to watch, they are practically screaming out for their own cooking show. I, for one, would watch the shit out of it.

People on Twitter are obsessed with Brendan and Reece’s wholesome friendship on MasterChef:

I’m dreading the day when one of them gets eliminated. I don’t think our hearts could take it. BREECE FOREVER.

MasterChef returns tonight at 7:30pm on Network 10.