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People Are Calling Out Last Night’s ‘MasterChef’ Elimination As Unfair

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Tessa Boersma was eliminated on MasterChef last night but not everyone agrees with the judges’ decision.

Tessa was sent packing over Reynold Poernomo on Sunday’s episode and the decision has caused controversy online, with Reynold being accused by some viewers of receiving favouritism in the two-round elimination.

In the first round, contestants were tasked with recreating classic dishes and when Reynold started making a bombe alaska without a sponge layer, Jock alerted him that a sponge was one of the traditional components, so he added it at the last minute. In contrast, Tessa didn’t include capers in her tartare sauce which was one of the reasons she was sent into the second round — but this was something she was not pre-warned about like Reynold.

Then in the second round the bottom three contestants — Tessa, Reynold, and Poh Ling Yeow — had to make an inventive dish, and Reynold plated up a deeply flawed element. Reynold’s spacelike dessert included a rum ganache that failed to form correctly because Reynold added the alcohol too early and the ganache wouldn’t whisk.

The judges praised his raspberry sorbet but said the ganache was not a ganache. Such a massive mistake would usually send someone home in previous episodes, but Tessa was sent packing.

Some viewers reckon Reynold should have been eliminated on MasterChef:

That being said, Tessa’s Indian tacos weren’t particularly inventive — which was the whole point of the challenge.

Others are saying that Tessa’s elimination was deserved:

As we near finals week, it’s likely we’re going to disagree on the judges’ assessments as more of our faves go home. Being a fan of this show is so stressful!

MasterChef returns tonight at 7:30pm on Channel 10.