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‘MasterChef’ Was Super Emotional Last Night & People Weren’t Coping

Last night’s MasterChef mystery box came with a twist: rather than providing a bunch of random ingredients, under the contestants’ boxes they instead found family photographs to inspire their dishes. I’m still an emotional wreck just thinking about it.

The judges asked each contestant about their photos, and both Khanh and Reynold gave emotional responses that pulled at the heartstrings. People on Twitter were very much not OK.

Khanh tearfully explained that the photo was of his parents and himself, and shared how he was born in a refugee camp and the picture signified his family getting approved to migrate to Australia.

My emotions! Fans will know that Khanh is always a ray of sunshine in the MasterChef kitchen and a beacon of positivity for the rest of the contestants, so to see him break down really hit hard.

With viewers already shaken up, Reynold then shared an upsetting family story of his parents being taken away by immigration when he was younger, and how his mum and dad constantly worked while he was growing up which meant the only time he could spend with them was when they were working in their family restaurant.

We know and love Reynold as basically an emotionless dessert-making robot on the show, so to see him actually tear up made us all feel some type of way.

Viewers were not coping with last night’s emotional episode of MasterChef:

The episode has to be one of the highlights of the season and shone an important light on the migrant experience that so many Aussies can relate to.

The judges said that last night’s challenge brought out some of the best cooking they’d ever seen, and there wasn’t a single dish that disappointed. Both Khanh and Reynold placed in the top five to go into tomorrow’s immunity challenge, along with Brendan, Poh, and Jess.

We love to see it!!!