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Perfect Angel Jess Was Eliminated On ‘MasterChef’ & Viewers Are Devastated

Last night’s elimination on MasterChef hit viewers hard, as fan fave and the season’s youngest contestant Jess Liemantara was sent home.

Jess proved herself to be a superstar chef this season and the resident dessert queen, so many assumed she would have made it to the top four. But on Sunday night’s episode, when Jess was tasked with creating a dish that highlighted raspberries and carrots, the judges said that the flavours weren’t dominant enough and that she went too heavy when adding wine, which Jock described as “actually quite unpleasant.”

Out of the bottom five, which included Jess, Brendan, Callum, Simon, and Poh, it was Jess’ dish that missed the mark the most. When it was revealed it was Jess who was going home, the other contestants were stunned and many were reduced to tears.

MasterChef viewers were equally upset with the news that perfect angel Jess was eliminated:

Worst of all because of the COVID-19 restrictions, no one in the room could hug Jess before she had to leave. Instead, they just had to stand there 1.5 metres apart and watch her cry. MY HEART.

During her time on the show, Jess made several standout dishes that wowed that judges, like last week’s hazelnut chocolate crack with dark chocolate tia maria mousse.

She is no doubt going to do great things. We love you, Jess. Sending you virtual hugs.