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Katy Perry Was Pure Chaos On ‘Masterchef’ Last Night & No One Could Handle Her

Katy Perry is one of America’s most slyly chaotic popstars.

Sometimes, when you glance at her sideways, she seems pretty milquetoast. Songs like ‘Hot and Cold’ are by-the-numbers pop fare, and her image — particularly when she first emerged on the scene — was a cross between Sesame Street-style wholesomeness and sweet, unassuming kindness.

But every now and then, that veil falls away, and it becomes clear just how deeply odd Perry is. Remember when she livestreamed herself for hours straight in order to promote Witness? Or what about the time she announced her pregnancy by staring straight into the camera lens and just, ya know, screaming?

Or how about her absolutely, unabashedly bugnuts appearance on Masterchef last night?

I mean, Perry’s a strange choice for a cooking show judge anyway, given that she once said that she had to look up how to boil water “on YouTube” — a factoid that Masterchef fans online were quick to point out.

But that wasn’t the half of it. From the moment that she first walked onscreen, Perry’s energy was all over the place. She was the wild card that the show has so long been waiting for, and absolutely nobody knew how to deal with her.

She called one of the contestant’s dishes “the tits”, she looked straight down the barrel of the camera, and she turned to sweet and kind Jock Zonfrillo, stared him right in the eyes, and said, “put it in my mouth, daddy.”

Before too long, Twitter had lit up with reactions from amusedly non-plussed viewers.

Listen, clearly the Masterchef producers should give us all what we want and make Katy Perry a permanent fixture of the show. At the very least, reality television would never be the same again.

This article was originally published on Junkee