The Premiere Of ‘MasterChef’ Retold Via Hilarious Tweets

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Married At First Sight is over and MasterChef is here: consider your TV officially detoxed.  Last night, MasterChef returned to our screens to remind us that life is certainly better when it’s around.

It’s been over a year since the All-Stars season and boy, we’re ready for some fresh meat!

Let’s Recap Last Night’s MasterChef Episode Through Hilarious Tweets

New season means new contestants and new aprons. And in this socially distanced introduction, Melissa, Jock and Andy tasked the 26 wannabe chefs with cooking a meal in 75 minutes that will impress them. And they better deliver because they’re only looking for 24 finalists. 

Up first, we had Brent. The blokey, boilermaker from Queensland.

He’s a good cook and he’s unafraid to show emotion? We love him!!!

After Brent, we were introduced to Therese.

And we love her too! Are we going to fall in love with everyone? Probably! Damn this wholesome show…

After Therese, we were introduced to the sweetest man in the whole wide world, Tommy.

He made his mother’s chicken congee recipe for the judges and proceeded to call her straight after. At this point, I cried for a second time. 

And yeah, that congee looked amazing.

Then Scott came on in and made a truffle choux croquant. 

Here, I looked at my Muscle Chef meal and thought… huh, I need to do better. 

Then we meet Ben, a flight attendant, who decides to challenge himself in the first episode of the season.

But, did the risk pay off? No. He’s met with criticism from the judges and claps back but not before Melissa puts him in his place. 

After this rejection, we enter the montage of the judges telling some of the cooks to “cook again” tomorrow because their meal wasn’t up to scratch today. 

Now it’s time to meet Minoli.

This icon somehow made a six-dish Sri Lankan feast in just 75 minutes. How she did it? Who knows? But, I’m stanning. 

Then we met Kishwar.

Sigh. Kishwar really pulled at my heartstrings. 

All she wants to do in life is write a Bangladeshi cookbook to pass down her culture and I’m not crying, you are. When the judges raved about her dish and asked her where she’d been all this time, she replied saying: “Just at home.” Please, the waterworks are too much. 

Well, consider us hooked Masterchef. Consider us hooked.

Tune into MasterChef on Channel 10 and 10 Play.