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People Are Slamming The ‘MasterChef’ Judges Following Reece’s Elimination

After last night’s MasterChef saw Reece get sent home, viewers are calling out the judges — well, more specifically Jock and Andy (Melissa is still an angel, don’t worry) — for trying to stress out the contestants, which resulted in a tense service challenge.

From the outset of Sunday night’s fine dining challenge, both Jock and Andy seemed to be on a mission to confuse the contestants, who had to each cook a vegetable, fish, meat or dessert. Their criticism of Reece’s planned veggie dish, which they labelled too safe, then led to him having to change up his flavour combo.

Some of the comments made by Jock and Andy last night also contradicted themselves. While Reece’s flavour combo of beetroot and goat’s cheese was deemed too simple, Laura pairing lamb with peas didn’t receive the same level of criticism.

There was something off about the judges and viewers weren’t having it:

In the end, Reece’s dish didn’t impress celeb judges Matt Stone, Jo Barrett, Shannon Martinez, Peter Gunn, Darren Purchese and Kirsten Tibballs. His dish was described as being unseasoned and not worthy of being in the finals — which was low-key savage.

Reece will be missed for being a beacon of positivity for the rest of the contestants as well as Katy Perry’s biggest fan.

Viewers were devastated to see Reece leave the MasterChef kitchen:

MasterChef returns tonight at 7:30pm on Channel 10.