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‘MasterChef’ Viewers Slam “Twist Week” After Last Night’s Cruel Pressure Test

MasterChef viewers are filthy with the cooking show, after a week of confusing twists that haven’t showcased the contestants as chefs, and instead just created needless drama.

In a team service challenge on Monday night’s episode, despite each group developing their own menu, the judges’ twist meant that each team had to abandon their plans, switch teams, and cook dishes they never intended to make. This left viewers wondering how cooking another team’s menu showed off the contestants’ own skills — with flavour combinations and early decisions already out of their hands.

Then on last night’s pressure test, the contestants were given a recipe to recreate Darren Purchese’s mango passionfruit pavlova but halfway through the cook their recipes were taken away, and they had to make the pavlova based off memory.

Fans of the series will know that pressure tests are all about following a recipe down to every specific detail, so this twist seemed to contradict the nature of the challenge.

The twist led to almost every contestant in the pressure test slowly imploding. Poh became catatonic and didn’t know what to think or do; Amina absolutely lost the plot and forgot everything she had read (thankfully, Jess came to the rescue); and even Reynold (sweet, precious Reynold) started to question his own dessert-making skills, as he had previously prided himself on being able to perfectly execute a dessert recipe.

The twist just seemed cruel and purely for the sake of drama, rather than trying to get the best out of the contestants.

MasterChef fans have slammed ‘Twist Week’:

Following the cook, Amina couldn’t recover from all the stress and after serving up a flawed pavlova, she was sent packing. Amina’s infectious, bubbly energy made her a fan fave all season, so many viewers were devastated to see her go.

Hopefully, the rest of Twist Week doesn’t continue to push the contestants to their breaking points, because I can’t handle seeing Poh and Reynold that upset again.

I honestly would have paid to see this last night…