Mast Chef Australia Finale

12 Relatable Reactions We All Had To MasterChef’s Ice Cream Filled Finale

The MasterChef finale really amped up the theatrics so that it was nearly impossible to make a sure prediction of who would win until the end. What you probably did predict though was that someone would make ice cream. Of course.

Waiting to find out the MasterChef winner last night was an intensely drawn out 20 minutes of draaamaaa. Diana triumphing over Ben by just one point reeks of expertly executed theatricality. Wasn’t it ‘lucky’ how the judges scores really tee’d up the perfect dramatic finish hey?

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But the real question is, if MasterChef is so intent on being as exciting as possible, why did they do nothing to solve their ice cream problem? Like, just take away the ice cream machine!?! Voila, no more ice cream. So simple.

When Ben decided to take this “cook anything you want” challenge as a final opportunity to show the world “HELLO I’M BEN AND I LIKE TO MAKE ICE REAM” – I think Australia was doing one big synchronised eye roll.

We’ve already seen just about every herb turned into ice cream and served on a biscuit this season of MasterChef and we’re bored.

These are the best reactions that sum up exactly how we all felt when we saw Ben reach for the ice cream machine last night.

Honestly we were all done with MasterChef’s ice cream obsession long ago and everyone has been pretty vocal about it.

Give the people what they want and mix it up MasterChef. And not in a freakin ice cream machine.

Here’s hoping that next season the MasterChef contestants get around some more cooking less freezing.

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