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HOLY SHIT: The New ‘Bachelor’ Has Just Been Announced & No, It’s Not A Celeb This Time

While we’ve been glued to Married At First Sight, it appears The Bachelor is being filmed right under our noses.

The team behind The Bachelor AU dropped a sneaky photo yesterday afternoon and got all sorts of buzz going as to who our new Bachy could be.

And now he’s been revealed: Meet Matt Agnew, an astrophysicist who’s looking for a love “out of this world.”

(Their joke not mine, thank you very much.)

He’s got beauty, he’s got geek and thank the higher powers above, he doesn’t look like the kind of guy that drops the word “yarn” 100 times in a conversation.

While New Idea originally reported yesterday filming had started with a “doctor called Steve” it turns out the photos they captured were indeed Matt. Take a look at the sneak pics here.

And for more on Matt…. uhh here he is discussing whether aliens fart or not:

Have you ever wondered whether aliens fart? Matt Agnew may have the answer. Get your tickets to Raising the Bar. It’s free and lots of fun.

Posted by City of Melbourne on Friday, 17 November 2017