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A Shoutout To The Best Bachy Couple Matty J & Laura Byrne For Keeping Us Entertained In Iso

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Back in 2017 things were arguably better. We could go outside. Pubs were still open. Holidays weren’t cancelled. We weren’t tired of talking to our own reflections.

Back in 2017, things were also better in the reality TV world. MAFS was a lol to watch, instead of a punish. Sophie Monk was our goddamn Bachelorette. And, of course, Matty J was that year’s Bachelor and found his happily ever after in Laura Byrne.

Since the day he picked Laura (I still get emotional when I think about it and no, I haven’t watched it seven times in the last three days, shut up) the couple has had a whirlwind romance, announcing their pregnancy, getting engaged, and introducing daughter Marlie-Mae to the world.

They’ve always been a great couple and ridiculously beautiful family. The evidence lies below:

But I’m here today to thank Matty J & Laura for bringing us much needed joy in these testing times of isolation with their adorkable family content.

Firstly, they actually make having a baby seem fun. So many famous couples are polished, making sure you only see their good sides and (probably) the good sides of their kids.

Laura & Matty DGAF and clearly have a blast raising Marlie-Mae.

The fun doesn’t stop there. The two have been releasing their own relatable video content for some time, like Matty J’s hangover stages…

…or Laura’s video on her first night out after finishing breastfeeding.

But of course, the best content is when little Marlie-Mae is involved, like this Saturday night isolation dance-off. If you don’t smile watching this, there’s no hope for you.

And the couple somehow manage to look both hot and hilarious while doing the ‘Flip the Switch’ challenge.

Obviously there’s plenty more where that came from if you’re following them on Insta, but we just wanted to give Matty and Laura a quick shoutout for making us believe in true love again.