It’s Official: Macca’s Is Coming Out With A Caramilk McFlurry Tomorrow

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Turns out all those delicious rumours were true because Macca’s is officially launching a Caramilk McFlurry tomorrow.

After promotional material leaked onto social media at the end of September, Aussies have absolutely been frothing at the mouth at the thought of a Caramilk and Macca’s collab — and thankfully, our prayers have been answered.

Dropping tomorrow — and on sale until November 16 — McDonald’s will be slinging the Cadbury Caramilk McFlurry: Macca’s signature soft serve mixed with Caramilk flakes and sauce.

This glorious creation follows on from Krispy Kreme’s Caramilk doughnut offering that was announced last month.


“Cadbury Caramilk is a phenomenon adored by chocolate fans across the country. Its unique, delicious caramelised white chocolate is truly in a league of its own,” said Liz Whitbread, Senior Brand Manager at McDonald’s Australia.

“We are so excited to be introducing the Cadbury Caramilk McFlurry and give Aussie Macca’s fans the dessert they have been dreaming about.”

I don’t know about you, but it’s sounding a lot like McFlurry for breakfast tomorrow.