McDonald's Spicy McChicken Burger Range

Test Those Tastebuds With Macca’s New Spicy McChicken Burgers & Spicy Chicken McNuggets

Brought to you by McDonald's®

Try the new Spicy McChicken® Range or Spicy Chicken McNuggets®. Hurry in to a Macca's® and grab yours today. Available after 10.30am for a limited time at participating restaurants.

Not content to just bring back the Spicy Chicken McNuggets, Macca’s is dropping an entire range of brand-new spicy treats, and we cannot wait!

The new McDonald’s Spicy Chicken Range is here to make 2020 your spiciest year ever! In addition to the hot nuggs (we’ll take a 10 pack, please), we’re also being blessed with three brand-new Spicy McChicken Burgers in three different levels of heat.

The Spicy Mayo McChicken is the burger that’ll give you a little kick, while the Jalapeno McChicken is for folks who like things a little spicier. Then there’s the Sriracha McChicken burger, which is even spicier than your new outfit.

With three heat levels to choose from, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Macca’s is also releasing a new Spicy Mayo Dipping Sauce to accompany your Spicy Chicken McNuggets. But hey, no one’s stopping you from dipping your French Fries in there too!

In the spirit of spicing up your life, we’ve put together some humble ideas of times you can smash Macca’s new range:

  • As a last-minute Valentine’s Day date – way better than roses and candlelight dinner tbh
  • That time you’re invited to a potluck dinner but forget to cook anything
  • When you and your squad need lunch for the perfect beach day
  • Any night when you’re craving something spicy

Wow, truly inspiring.

McDonald’s new Spicy McChicken Range is only available for a limited time, so get in quick!

Try the new Spicy McChicken Range or Spicy Chicken McNuggets. Hurry in to your nearest Macca’s and grab yours today. Available after 10:30am for a limited time at participating restaurants.

(Images courtesy of McDonald’s)