Mean Girls Star Aaron Samuels And His IRL Boyf Are Goals

Let’s take a moment to celebrate the beauty that is Mean Girls‘ actor Jonathan Bennett and Access Hollywood host Jaymes Vaughan’s relationship. They are couple goals.

It looks like Bennet, who played Mean Girls hottie Aaron Samuels, is living his best life these days. He and his partner, Jaymes Vaughan have been posting the damn cutest (and hottest) pics of their wonderful life together on Instagram and we are eternally grateful to have access to this wholesome content.

Some couples are just so nice to look at you’ve gotta treat yourself to a little scope sesh once in a while. So that’s what we’re going to do. These are all the cutest, sexiest and just downright sweetest posts of the pair that prove they are #couplegoals.

Let’s kick things off with these matching Grams because YES.

Because forgot to post on Halloween. i Love you babe. #mygoose @jaymesv

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Any post that ends in #love is #thecutestfuckingthingever

This guy looks better. Makes me look better. I’m the luckiest. #love

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Sunsets and bike rides they are too pure

Lowkey matching shirts chains and pouts like:

This one

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Fuckkk they are so handsome

So PROUD to accompany this one tonight to the @GLSEN #RespectAwards ???????? @jonathandbennett ❤️

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This couple is breaking hearts everywhere let’s be honest

Activity dates on point

If I had a bf that looked like either of these dudes all my posts would be them too

About to watch a scary movie in a cemetery… oh LA #NightOfTheLivingDead @Cinespia #Cinespia

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Attending events for your partner’s sake #CoupleGoals strikes again

One of us loves musicals…the other one is being supportive ???? #SendHelp

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When your bf makes dad jokes but he looks like this so

GROOL. Dying for this

Haha ok is it getting hot in here or what

Check out the boys at Pitbull!!!

And we will wrap things up with these hotties in love and feeding eachother.

Weekend Plans Include: Eating Lobster On Repeat #PTown

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