Meet Valeria Lukyanova – Real Life Barbie Doll

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Prepare to get the weirdest most unexplainable boner, things are all downhill from here on (or intensely uphill for some). After dragging myself through 428 pictures of selfies, heavily photoshopped dreamscapes and vivid scenarios, I have come to the conclusion that 21 year old, Ukrainian Valeria Lukyanova, is definitely not for this world. I could easily say that she would prefer to be a motionless being, handled by the might of an 8 year old girl with a vast wardrode of obscure 8 year old stylings. I just don’t know, hopefully you too can bring something to this.

However, 428 photos later, I’m still not convinced if she’s trying to be sexy or asexual? Are there some bizarre absent daddy issues going on here? This is not normal behaviour.

Then, BOOM.

Hi mum.

I want to believe.


It’s abundantly clear there is some next level self obsession

She seems adamant on clearing up rumours of plastic surgery.

“In my family, good genes. Do not believe the rumors about plastic surgery.”



I’m at this point in the journey that, this makes more sense to me

Scroll through the gallery and get sucked into the weird and strangely entangling world of Valeria Lukyanova.