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The Bachelor’s Megan Marx Has Finally Revealed Why She Broke Up W/ Tiffany Scanlon

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It might feel like a lifetime ago, but when The Bachelor’s Megan Marx and Tiffany Scanlon started dating in 2016 it absolutely rocked the reality TV world.

It was the first time in the Bachy franchise’s history that two women competing over one man had found love with each other — and it absolutely warmed all our hearts. Megan and Tiffany announced their relationship in October, 2016 and soon found a massive international following among LGBTIQ fans.


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However, their romance was short-lived and by March the following year, the beloved couple announced their split. In the years following the breakup, Megan appeared on Bachelor In Paradise where started an on/off relationship with Jake Ellis, which seems to now be very much off.

Appearing on the So Dramatic! podcast, Megan shared what went wrong between herself and Tiffany, along with spilling some other Bachy tea.

On her breakup with Tiffany:

“We’ve never really talked about it,” Megan began. “When you first meet someone, you show all of your best self to that person. On the outside we both liked adventure and were ‘yes’ people to new things. Basically, we just ended up really not liking each other as human beings. It was just a disaster.”

She said the breakup was “so mutual, it was ridiculous” and that it was a long time coming, with the couple feeling extra pressure from their global fans to stay together. “There was a lot of pressure as well, because we knew that we kind of hated each other,” she admitted. “The biggest thing was letting down the LGBTIQ community.”

Tiffany has previously shared similar sentiment, publishing on her blog at the time of the split: “We made the decision (mistake) at that point to share our relationship with the public,” she wrote. “This, I believe, would eventually cost us our relationship.”

Since breaking up, Megan said that she has not spoken to Tiffany. “We haven’t been in contact since,” and even said that she would “never again” speak to her ex. Awkwardly, Megan shared that she somehow ended up on an influencer trip with Tiffany in recent years and they didn’t speak for the entire time. Yikes.


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“It’s tough. I think Tiffany and I just weren’t right for each other and we kept hurting each other in other ways. I can be a bit brutal with my words…not  everyone can deal with that and I probably thought she was a bit too emotional. But I think Tiffany is a great person, of course she is, but I don’t know her at all now.”

On beef with Keira Maguire:

According to Megan, the Keira we saw on The Bachelor only scratched the surface on all the mayhem she caused in the mansion. “She was much worse than they showed her as. People talk about bad edits, but her edit were great. She was just being herself, I guess. She’s just very aggressive,” Megan said.

“She’s a great person but you get her in a group environment and yeah, it was pretty mental. I remember one night being scared that she was going to hurt us. I’m serious. There was this big fight — they didn’t air it — she had just come home from a date and the girls were a bit like ‘ugh!’ and she just went crazy.”

On finding herself in a love triangle with Alex Nation and Bill Goldsmith:

Megan revealed she was friends with Alex, until she got accused of hooking up with Bill. “After her season of Paradise — juicy goss here! — I had been getting calls from people, and one from Alex crying, of accusations that I had slept with Bill — which was complete bullshit, absolute bullshit.”

The So Dramatic! host then asked Megan about a rumour that Alex had cheated on Bill with her and she replied:  “No, no I don’t so. Alex and I had caught up and there was definitely some sparks flying and stuff. She had told me that she and Bill weren’t together…but nothing ever happened with Alex and I. There was no cheating.”

Megan spilled loads more tea in the episode, so listen to the full instalment of So Dramatic! here.