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Miranda Kerr Just Announced She’s Pregnant With Baby #2!!!

Aussie superstar Miranda Kerr just spilled that she’s expecting her second baby and how good is cute baby news to start your day!

It’s Kerr’s first child with her current husband Evan Spiegel, AKA that guy responsible for giving us the great gift that is Snapchat.

Apparently little Flynn, Kerr’s first child from her marriage to Orlando Bloom, is super excited to welcome the new member to the family and there’s bound to be a lot of adorable Kerr family content coming our way.

Trick or Treat crew ????????????

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Between superstar modelling career, entrepreneurial ventures and motherhood Miranda Kerr is killing it and we are so excited for her. Who could hate the idea of more exceptionally good looking human beings being brought into this world?


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Congratulations you guys!

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