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We’ve Ranked The Most Dramatic Kardashian Relationship Breakups Of All Time

Remember the days when your bae would cheat on you a week before you had his child, and he said he’d never do it again, and then 10 months later he’d hook up with your sister’s ride or die best friend?


If you’re like us and you spend your days dreaming of the moment that Kris Jenner adopts you, then you need to be briefed on what comes with the territory. Because if you thought the worst breakup you ever had was when you caught your bae leaving fire emojis on your neighbours IG posts, then get ready to become a Kardashian.

Here are 10 of the worst Kardashian relationship downfalls of all time (so far).

#10. Kim and Kris Humphries

It may not be the worst, but it was definitely the shortest.

The two tied the knot in 2011, with a two-part wedding special airing on E!. Cut to 72 days later, Kim filed for divorce. Honestly, the one thing good to come out of this relationship was getting to see Kim’s crying face when she decided to dump his sorry ass.


#9. Kourtney and Younes Bendjima

A 14-year age gap wasn’t enough to stop Kourtney and the Algerian boxer/model from hooking up. After meeting in Paris in 2016, the couple dated for two years before a bitter summer split in 2018.


After the breakup, Bendjima got dramatic AF on his IG stories, posting random shit about ‘fuck your Hollywood bullshit’ and ‘I’m not attached to this life so you can’t touch me’. The Kardashian sisters even joined in by taking jabs at him on IG comments.

#8. Rob and Adrienne Bailon

A throwback to the days when Rob was looking like a snacc, and not living like a recluse.


Who can forget when young Rob was dating our Cheetah-licious sister Adrienne Bailon back in 2007? However, two years into the relationship the pair called it quits after Rob was caught cheating, and pretty much secured his fate into a downward spiral.

RIP Rob. The man you used to be. <3

#7. Khloe and Lamar Odom


Khloe and Lamar famously tied the knot in 2009, after only one month of dating. However, shit hit the fan fast when Lamar underwent some serious substance abuse issues. The basketball player refused to clean up his act, forcing Khloe to file for divorce after four years of marriage. The divorce played out for two crazy-ass years: Lamar survived an overdose in 2015 and Khloe withdrew the papers temporarily before filing for divorce again in 2016.

#6. Kim and Ray J

Don’t you hate it when your ex leaks your sex tape, and it kickstarts the beginning of your multi-billion dollar empire?


When Kim and Ray J called it quits in 2006 after three years together, it didn’t take more than a year for their sex tape to drop and end up all over the interweb. At the time, Kim said she was ‘mortified’, but I bet she has a different opinion right now as she counts her millions.

P.S. Don’t act like you haven’t seen the tape. Even Kris Jenner probably has.

#5. Kourtney and Scott Disick

In the words of Tyra Banks….


The two met in 2006, a year before the Kardashians shot to fame with their reality series, meaning we got to see their relationship play out on TV. The birth of their three children; Mason, Penelope and Reign, gave us hope for wedding bells, however, their relationship (along with our hopes and dreams), died in 2015. The breakup felt on-and-off, with Scott’s drinking problems caused the two to drift apart bit-by-bit on our screens. By the end, the two apparently hadn’t even slept in the same bed in years.

#4. Kylie and Tyga

When your man preaches about living in ‘rack city’, are you really expecting him to be monogamous?


The rapper and reality star began dating in 2015 when Kylie was just 17 (creepy, right?). The pair continued an on-and-off again relationship, but by the time Kylie celebrated her 19th birthday, it was reported that the couple had called it quits. In 2016, US Weekly reported that Tyga had cheated on Kylie with Brazilian model Annalu Cardoso. TMZ also reported that the breakup was “sudden and nasty” and that “Tyga is very careful and waits until Kylie is out of the country”. OOFT Tyga, you tried it!

#3. Kris and Caitlyn Jenner

They say the devil works hard but Kris Jenner works harder.


In 2013 Kris and Caitlyn separated after a whopping 23 years of marriage. When Jenner transitioned two years later, she cited the reason for their divorce being “20% gender and 80% the way I was treated.” The two continued their rocky relationship for years, which came to a close in 2017 when Caitlyn released her memoirs and pretty much portrayed Kris as a crazy bitch. Word on the street is that Caitlyn doesn’t speak to the rest of the Kardashian family, and her only contact is with her own kids Kendall and Kylie.

#2. Khloe and Tristan Thompson

Shouldn’t it be common knowledge that you don’t sleep with your best friend’s sister’s baby daddy?


Khloe & Tristan began dating in 2016, while Thompson’s ex, Jordan Craig, was pregnant with his child (red flag much?). The two fell head over heels in love with one another and when it felt like life was fucking amazing, it was announced that there was a baby on the way. Don’t you wish this story ended here?

In 2018, the Daily Mail published a video of Tristan making out with another woman and then taking her back to his hotel. To everyone’s dismay, the couple decided to stick it out and work on their relationship. Cut to 10 months later, and it was reported that Tristan and Khloe had once again broken up due to infidelities, at the expense of none other than Kylie Jenner’s BFF Jordyn Woods. AWKS.

#1. Rob and Chyna

OK, let’s try and make this quick because we could honestly write a fucking essay on the beef that is RYNA.


The two began dating in 2016, despite Chyna being BFFs with sister Kim, and also being the ex of Kylie’s then-boyfriend Tyga. After the two became engaged and Chyna popped out a baby, shit went south real fast. Chyna moved out of Rob’s house and took daughter Dream Kardashian with her. She said that Rob had physically abused her, and Rob said that Chyna cheated on him and neglected their daughter. After a wacky revenge porn series where Rob posted some explicit pics of Chyna’s bits, the two fired some serious lawsuits at each other, with Chyna even directing one at the entire Kardashian clan.

Cut to today and, after a lot of legal battles, it appears the two have settled things… for now.