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This Definitive Industry List Ranks The 10 Most Hated Celebrities In Australia In 2016

The findings of the 2016 ‘Encore Score’ have been released, providing a definitive ranking on Australia’s most loved and hated celebrities.

It’s hard to envy celebs. Sure, there’s the exclusive parties, people constantly throwing free shit at you and getting paid for your talents… but it’s short-lived and rides on a constant popularity contest.  Don’t believe me?

The entertainment and marketing industries use a legitimate popularity contest to rank star power called the ‘Encore Score’. The ranking system is essentially the go-to standard for brands, agencies and marketers to provide a metric on how much people are liked across varying demographics. Over 400 Aussie personalities are judged, ranked and assigned a number to which their lively-hoods ride on for deals.

Sound brutal? That’s because it is.

Today, the 2016 Encore Score figures have been released and it’s a fun AF way for all us non-celebrities to look back at who we love and hate.

Powered by YouGov’s Influencer Index and commissioned by online media and marketing news site Mumbrella, this years list unfortunately excluded politicians to present a truer representation of personalities available to brands. BUMMER!

The news was good for Hugh Jackman though. The deadset legend and national hero took out the top gong as the most loved Aussie. Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman are also basically our version of national prom-queen/kings – with both of them making the top 10 list.

Here are the 10 most loved celebrities according to Australians in 2016:

  1. Hugh Jackman
  2. Jamie Oliver
  3. Chris Hemsworth
  4. Dawn French
  5. Cate Blanchett
  6. Nicole Kidman
  7. Rebecca Gibney
  8. Russell Crowe
  9. Liam Hemsworth
  10. Keith Urban

Now for the fun part… the guys and girls we love to hate. It’s not our word – it’s yours. Australia has spoken and here’s who our nation hates most. Hit next to scroll between the names. 

Australia’s 10 Most Hated Celebrities


April Scott in Home and Away)

Rhiannon Fish – AKA April Scott in Home and Away

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