Much like the setting of 'Pet Sematary', Toowong Cemetery is one of Australia's most haunted places

Good Luck Sleeping After Reading These Stories About 3 Of Australia’s Most-Haunted Places

Brought to you by Pet Sematary

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The paranormal. The ghostly. The unexplained.

These are the things that keep us awake at night. Some can be easily rationalised while others aren’t so simple.

Cancel whatever you’ve got planned for tomorrow, because after reading these very real, super scary stories from some of Australia’s most haunted locations, you’ll be left staring wide-eyed at your phone (or ceiling) until the sun rises.

Get comfortable, but remember – you’ve been warned. These stories aren’t for the faint-hearted.

Quarantine Station in Sydney, NSW

Between 1828 and 1984, the Quarantine Station saw all kinds of sickness and disease.

This complex on the north side of Sydney Harbour operated as a place where people suspected of carrying ship-borne diseases were kept until it was considered safe to release them, and it’s believed to be one of Australia’s most haunted sites.


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Countless tales of ghosts and paranormal occurrences have been reported following the 150 years of misfortune and untimely timely deaths of its former residents, the most famous of which is the girl in the pink dress.

Many sightings of the girl have been reported, but she’s famed for being quite tactile and, in some cases, physical to the point of possession.

Back in 2015, a film director was so enthralled by the story that he enlisted the help of a psychic medium in hopes of making contact. Successful in their attempt, the girl in the pink dress revealed to the medium that she was murdered… by her doctor.


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“I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t kind of spooked at some of what we saw,” director Arnold Perez told the Illawarra Mercury. “A lot of cast and crew had a lot of strange experiences. We were at the hospital and batteries started going out – but would work again as soon as we left.”

Footage from that night was lost without explanation.

Toowong Cemetery in Toowong, QLD

What’s a compilation of scary stories without the inclusion of the spookiest setting of all – a cemetery?


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Queensland is home to many haunted locations, but none as notable and spine-chilling as Toowong Cemetery, where a bunch of inexplicable and totally bone-chilling things have happened over the years. Like this one: legend has it that the unmarked graves of two young sisters killed in a car accident lie at the top of “spook hill” and, if you sit in your car with it in neutral, the vehicle will defy gravity and roll itself up the hill.

It’s believed that the spirits of the two young girls drag the car up the hill, and anyone inside the car will meet a grisly end.

Anyone up for a late-night drive?

Fremantle Arts Centre in Fremantle, WA

Built in 1867 by convict labour, Freemantle Arts Centre is considered one of the most haunted places in the southern hemisphere. It was Western Australia’s first asylum and was condemned after two deaths and a government inquiry. However, the tortured souls who called the asylum home were subjected to years of further torment and weren’t relocated until 1909.


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Psychic and ghost whisperer, Anthony Grzelka, witnessed a full apparition in the arts centre while joining a TV crew on an overnight stay.

“Locked in an asylum at 3am wasn’t my idea of a good time,” Mr Grzelka, who later saw the “very tough and hardened spirit of a man” staring at him from half-way down a corridor, told Domain.

Grzelka said the temperature in this area dropped significantly and he immediately felt uneasy.


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“My impressions were that he was not an inmate of the asylum when it was operating, but a very nasty nurse or warden type. With this type of energy, I can’t begin to fathom the types of things he did to those poor souls who were patients in that place many years ago.”

Legend says that some people refuse to set foot inside the building after a couple were forcefully pushed down a stairwell. To this day, nobody really knows why.

There you have it, folks. If you’re a bit rattled, just remember that these are just stories. Or are they?

Sweet dreams!

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