vanderpump rules iconic moments

The Most Iconic Moments In The History Of ‘Vanderpump Rules’, Ranked

There are only a handful of TV shows that are so addictive, you find yourself getting withdrawal symptoms whenever they’re not on. Vanderpump Rules is one of these special shows.

The reality series captures the messy lives of a bunch of hot, rich, young and self-entitled 20-somethings living in West Hollywood, under the guise of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ matriarch and restaurant owner Lisa Vanderpump.

The series really needs to be seen to be believed and has gifted us some truly bonkers content over the years. Since the reality show is just so damn perfect in every way, we decided to rank its most iconic moments.

#20. When Katie was accused of “motorboating” someone’s dick

I still don’t know exactly what this would look like.

#19. When Jax broke up with Laura Leigh after her AA meeting

The timing couldn’t have been worse.

#18. Every single threat Stassi has ever made

The girl is low-key terrifying.

#17. Scheana’s never-ending excitement over Rob

Did you hear he put a TV on the WALL?! ON THE WALL.

#16. Schwartz constantly blacking out

It just so happened that every time he cheated on Katie he “blacked out.”

#15. Pretty much everything Lala ever says

The girl is iconic.

#14. Stassi Vs. Scheana

They’ll never get along but this line is timeless.

#13. When Jax cheated on actual angel Brittany

After watching Jax lie over and over, we all hoped he’d “rot in hell” too.

#12. Stassi’s b’days always being the ultimate shitshow

It always ended with Stassi screaming at everyone, which is the one constant in this world.

#11. Kristen & Tom’s relationship & the fact they were the worst couple ever

They cheated on one another approx 50 times.

#10. Ariana being the woke queen the series always needed

Make no mistake, Ariana’s arrival saved Vanderpump Rules.

#9. When Kristen got fired…finally

In the end it happened because she told her boss Diana to go “suck a dick.” The staff were hyped.

#8. Katie & Schwartz’s Bachelor/Bachelorette parties being an absolute disaster

Ending in this iconic scene between the Toms. The fact they were both dressed in drag at the time makes it all the more enjoyable.

#7. Lala & Kristen coming to blows

And all over…James Kennedy?

#6. When Jax stole sunglasses & went to jail

This is something only Jax would do.

#5. Lisa Vanderpump time and time again not taking anyone’s shit

Looking at you, James and Jax. Don’t mess with the queen.

#4. James & Lala’s fight about the pasta

Tbh, I think it was about the pasta.

#3. Stassi just being a messy bitch every damn ep

I stan Stassi forever.

#2. Katie & Schwartz finally getting married

Yes, that’s Sandoval wiping his tears with a small dog.

#1. Stassi slapping Kristen after finding out that she hooked up with Jax while they were dating

Iconic. Timeless. Changing the face of TV forever.