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Every Time Ms. Darbus Gave Zero F*cks In ‘High School Musical’

The world is comprised of three life forms: humans, animals and plants.

However, there is actually a fourth and secret life form that most people do not know about due to their endangerment. They possess an omnipotent deity greater than any other existence on earth. They are GODS, but bless us with their holy grail of talents as they walk among us.

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There are only a few species left that exist under this umbrella, so we must protect them at all costs. The first is Beyoncé Knowles, global singer and R&B sensation, and the second, and most amazing of them all: Ms. Darbus from High School Musical.

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Ms. Darbus is a queen. She is the drama teacher at East High as well as director of some of the greatest productions to ever hit Albuquerque. While some would think Troy and Gabriella are the stars of the film, they are very wrong. Ms. Darbus is the SOLE carrier of the entire HSM series, and without her the films just wouldn’t be…anything?

We’ve put together some of Ms. Darbus’ GREATEST moments from High School Musical, which all prove that she is a queen amongst peasants.

Here is every single time Ms. Darbus didn’t give a single fk:

When she kept saying “musi-CAL”, instead of “musical”

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Ok look, I am not a thespian, nor have I ever been one, so I have no idea if this is ACTUALLY a word. My opinion is that this is NOT a word, and is just a way for Ms. Darbus to be extra asf.

You’re lying if you say you haven’t got “perhaps the…SPRING…musi-CAL”, etched into your brain. You’d never catch Ms. Darbus pronouncing it “musical” and for that we LOVE her.

When she confiscated everyone’s phones


2006 me would say “cell phone” but 2019 me just couldn’t do it.

Throwback to when Ms. Darbus had a literal BUCKET that she used to confiscate mobile phones. Not only did she collect them, but she issued detentions to anyone on the spot for using or even just HAVING them.

Let me tell you, if Ms. Darbus tried to put MY $1000 phone in a dingy-ass bucket, there’d be serious issues. Just suspend me, thanks.

When she told auditioning students to “go see a counsellor”

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Real tea, no one dropped truth bombs harder than Ms. Darbus. She gave absolutely no effs when it came to musical auditions, and if someone didn’t meet the mark, boy-oh-boy would she tell them.

“Stop” and “That was…very disturbing, go see a counsellor”, are only a few of her many iconic lines that she said to students at the auditions.

When she stormed into the men’s locker room

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Let me tell you, Ms. Darbus has got some serious cojones on her to storm into the men’s locker room right after a practice. Not even just the LOCKER room, but straight past the showers!

This was all so she could staunch Coach Bolton for messing with her musical (which he wasn’t). But I mean, if Ms. Darbus is about to pop off, CLEARLY nothing gets in her way.

When she put Chad and Troy in a tree


I don’t know how detention went at your school, but mine definitely wasn’t stapling paper leaves to a cardboard tree. For Ms. Darbus, detention was just free labour to build sets for the musical. Bravo Ms. Darbus, bravo!

When she wouldn’t let Troy and Gabriella audition because they missed the cut-off by a literal three seconds


Trust me, I went back and COUNTED. It was three seconds from when Ms. Darbus said “No? Good? Done!” and Gabriella Montez saying “I’d like to audition Ms. Darbus!” The fact that homegirl didn’t let EITHER of them audition because in her words “the theatre waits for no one” is beyond me. Like…THREE SECONDS!? I swear she just wanted to be extra, but honestly, I love it.

And yet she still eavesdropped on them singing


Where was she? Did she plan to stay and listen? Or did she just forget something? Whatever happened, Ms. Darbus most definitely hid out somewhere while she listened to Troy and Gabriella do “What I’ve Been Looking For” with Kelsie on the piano. Her ass POPPED up and gave them a callback, even after they didn’t audition or ask for one. Classic Darbz.

When she would dance to all of Ryan and Sharpay’s performances

Ms. Darbus was REALLY out here doing the most. During Sharpay and Ryan’s “What I’ve Been Looking For” as well as “Bop To The Top”, Ms. Darbus can be seen bouncing along to the piece as if she was in it. I have a feeling that Ms. Darbus practices some of the dances at home so that she can be prepared from the aisle.

And when she danced with the team mascot

Only the true HSM fans will know this. Why? Because it’s in the credits lmao.

At the end of the film, there’s a scene that shows Ms. Darbus waltzing with the team mascot: the Wildcat. She stops for a minute to dance with her assistant but then jumps back onto the beast. Lady on the streets and a freak in the sheets!

When she threw her notebook to clap

Ok, Ms. Darbus was most definitely NOT standing at the edge of the auditorium so, like, who the fk did she throw her notebook at? Clearly someone got whacked in the face but Ms. Darbus gave no effs because gotta do what you gotta do! Also, only a true stan claps like that.