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5 Festival Feels So Relatable It Hurts

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Festival season is fast approaching, so it’s time to dust off literally anything with sequins on it and buy ALL the glitter body paint.

Hitting up the summer festival circuit is a rite of passage, so we’ve wrapped up of all those relatable festival feels for your reading pleasure.

Spending An Infinite Amount Of Time & Money On THAT Outfit

You all know THAT outfit: the one that you can never wear anywhere else and probably causes you physical pain, but good GOD you look amazing. You have researched and pulled together approximately 18 separate components to create it and you will lose about 95% in the dust – but the fact that you’ll generate triple-figure likes on your IG uploads makes it worth it.

Actually Getting To The Venue While Wearing Said Outfit

Sure, you could take the train, but you wouldn’t want all your meticulous wardrobe planning to go to waste – so order you a car that all of your friends can pile into. Ridesharing to a festival is a great way to ensure the squad rocks up looking fly and comes with the added bonus of being able to request that the driver plays the perfect summer tracks to get you in the zone.

Having To Bear Grylls It To Find Food

You’ve arrived on time, you look dope and, now, it’s time to eat. Here’s where your Man vs. Wild instincts kick in. The lines are hundreds of metres long, the food itself is tiny and largely disappointing, so it’s time to organise your crew to spread out and try to find as many good options as possible – even if that means bumming a few packets of S&V chips off the other punters.

Enjoying The Music – Isn’t That The Whole Point?

The outfit, the friendship – they’re important elements but, truly, the tunes are what we’re here for. One of the most relatable feels at every massive gig or festival is getting lost in a crowd and dancing to one of your favourite songs. Next time you listen to your Spotify playlist, Festival Banger$, it’ll hopefully take you back to this very moment.

Now, The Struggle To Get Home

It’s over for another year, you’re covered in dirt, sweat, and glitter – and it’s time to head home. The lines for the buses are slowly inching forward: but what’s this?! Lifesaver! One of your mates has called a car. You all jump in and go to pump the tunes again, but, within 30 seconds, everyone’s dozed off. It’s been a big day, after all.

Avoid massive lines for public transport after 10 hours of dancing. DiDi’s got your back and will get you home in a jiffy.