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Childhood Fave Musk Sticks Are Being Featured In A ‘Disgusting Food Museum’ Overseas & Aussies Are Furious

It hurts me deep in my soul to say this but the staple Aussie lolly, musk sticks, are currently being featured in the ‘Most Disgusting Food’ museum in Sweden. Where is the RESPECT?!

While Vegemite also makes a cameo inside the museum, it is the inclusion of the humble musk stick that has Aussies absolutely losing it on Twitter.

How could anyone not enjoy the crunchy, chewy, lightly musked, sweet sticks that starred in most Aussie childhoods? A kids’ party was incomplete without a bag of these bad boys.

It turns out these Australia-made sweets have been in the Swedish museum since November, however many Twitter users have only recently noticed.

Aussies are rightly pissed Sweden would reject musk sticks.

Shots have been fired.

Problem solved.

Header via The Sugar Shack.