Meet Some Of The Teams Set To Take On ‘My Kitchen Rules’ In 2019

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Starts Monday January 28 on Channel 7

It’s almost time for My Kitchen Rules to kick off and this means a whole new year of challenges, recipe inspiration and — let’s not forget — the secret ingredient of drama as teams battle it out to be crowned the winner.

Not only is MKR back for another year so we can watch teams battle it out in the kitchen, but it’s the 10th year anniversary special and those in the know are calling the series’ most controversial season EVER. Strap in, it’s gonna be big.

With the show premiering on Monday at the new time of 7 pm, here’s everything you need to know about Group One.

Choose your fighter, coz this season is gonna be more intense that Pete Evan’s disapproving gaze.

Stacey & Ash, NSW – Recently Engaged Influencers

Stacey Ash My Kitchen Rules

Stacey and Ash look like the picture-perfect couple — which helps, given they’re billed as being this season’s “influencers” — and they may even make you believe in love again. The happy couple say communication and having the right attitude is their biggest asset in the kitchen and like to keep things fresh and healthy.

 Josh & Austin, NSW – Home-Schooled Brothers

Josh Austin My Kitchen Rules

These siblings say they’re “brutally honest” and also described themselves as “amateur cooks”, but they’re ready to ruffle some feathers (they’ve been described by another team as being “dinner party terrorists”). We’ll have to wait and see if their outrageous opinions will get them burnt in the group dinners (we’re guessing yes).

Ibby & Romel, NSW – Socialites

Ibby Romel My Kitchen Rules

Ibby and Romel are tagged as the Sydney socialites, which tbh, sounds like a dream job and we’re very ready for this stylish duo to hit our screens. Ibby states that he’s ready to work “harder than you can imagine”, while Romel isn’t afraid to speak his mind when the moment calls.

But it also looks like the pair are hiding some kind of shady secret and honestly, we’re already living for the drama it creates when it’s revealed. Honestly, we’re ready.

Head to the official My Kitchen Rules site to have a lurk of the other teams and see some sneak previews of what the 10-year anniversary special is set to bring.