2020 my plans meme

This New Hilarious Meme Perfectly Summarises Your 2020 Plans

The pandemic has caused a lot of things. It’s affected where we work, whether we can visit family and friends, and more generally it has affected any kind of social life we once had. It’s also put a question mark over a lot of future plans.

Events like large weddings or parties are out of the question for the foreseeable future and most countries have enforced a travel ban, meaning that any upcoming trips will need to be cancelled or rescheduled. In short, 2020 sucks and a new(ish) meme doing the rounds perfectly summarises our current mood.

The meme is the latest variation of the my plans/2020 meme that has been floating around online since the pandemic began. The format presents two images under the subheadings ‘My plans’ and ‘2020’, and well, let’s just jump into the funniest memes.

Hopefully, we can all laugh through the disappointment and be thankful that we have memes to help us through this. Let’s pray that 2021 offers some salvation.

The best my plans/2020 memes so far: