Upgrade Your Beauty Routine With The New Luxe Hair Removal Products From Nair

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Nair is easy to find at your favourite supermarket or pharmacy and online.

Do you remember getting glam?

It was that thing we used to do back when we went out to events, before we wore daggy trackies and top knots every single day of the week.

That seems like a long time ago now. The closest thing I’ve had to a beauty routine in 2020 is the daily ritual of hitting the “Touch Up” feature on Zoom. But I reckon now’s a good time to up the game. The sun’s coming out, we could frankly use a touch of IRL glam again, and Nair has just launched two new luxe hair removal products to get you started!

The new Nair Charcoal Leg Mask and Sensitive Wax Strips are must-haves for whenever you’re ready to fire up that at-home spa.

Made with 100 percent natural clay and charcoal, the Nair Leg Mask is a super luxe way to get sleek after the long winter months. It leaves your legs smooth, clean, and moisturised. It’s also really simple: read and follow the instructions on the pack, but here’s a hint: you just spread it on and wipe it off five to 10 minutes later. Easy!

Nair Launches Brand-New Charcoal Leg Mask & Sensitive Wax Strips

Miss that full salon experience? Nair Sensitive Wax Strips will quickly strip away hair to leave skin smooth for between four to six weeks. They’re easy to use and they’re also specifically formulated for people with sensitive skin. The strips are enriched with rice bran oil and cherry blossom extract which will keep the area nourished once the tough part’s over.

Nair Sensitive Wax Strips

In reality, you don’t need to wait for a big event to get glammed up — after all, your beauty routine should be for you. Remember that feeling of smooth, moisturised legs in freshly cleaned sheets? It’s worth it for that alone tbh.

You can grab the latest Nair products from your local pharmacy or supermarket now.

The new Nair Charcoal Leg Mask and Sensitive Wax Strips are gentle, at-home beauty treatments, in stores now.

(Images courtesy of Nair)