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Nathan From ‘The Bachelorette’ Speaks Out About That Dramatic Episode: “Charlie Did Apologise To Me”

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If you missed last night’s episode of The Bachelorette, you missed a whole lot of drama with Charlie and Nathan duking it out at the cocktail party.

The whole mess started when Charlie told Ali that Nathan had been by the pool, talking to the other men about the ‘rumours’ regarding her breakup with Grant Kemp. Nathan allegedly said he knew people who had confirmed these ‘rumours’. As viewers, we never saw the footage of the pool chat or got any explanation as to what the rumours even were.

After Charlie spilt the tea, an upset Ali confronted Nathan about it. This led to Nathan and Charlie battling it out about what had really happened and, look, it was dramatic and confusing.

Watch it unfold here:

Eventually, Ali asked Nathan to leave the Bach Pad.

We chatted to Nathan about what went down, and here’s what he had to say.

On what happened by the pool:

Bachelor Love GIF by The Bachelorette Australia

“It was basically everyone said what they heard, we weren’t bagging her out, then Charlie decided he wanted to tell Ali. Charlie often sat back and took everything in. A few times people would be like ‘Charlie isn’t saying anything’ and would kinda pull back and be more careful.”

On the actual rumours:

Ali GIF by The Bachelorette Australia

“It shouldn’t have been brought out in the public setting [by Charlie], there’s a reason we had that conversation off camera. I never had anyone pull me aside and tell me ‘this is what happened’ it was just the conversation around the pool where people were like ‘well this is what I heard’ from people that may have had more knowledge about it.”

On the confrontation with Charlie:

“The thing I found most annoying about the whole thing was that nobody pulled anybody up off camera, but when the cameras were on everyone loves to go confront people.”

On whether he’s heard from Charlie since:

“Charlie did apologise. It was a little while later, he sent me a direct message saying sorry about how he handled things and the fact that he got caught up in the moment.”

On what he’d say to Ali now:

“I’d just say I’m sorry the rumours were brought up in a public setting, that was never my intention and regardless of whatever happened in the past, I never once judged you.”

On whether he’d do Bachelor In Paradise:

“Yes for sure, if the opportunity came up I’d give it another crack.”