Nat’s What I Reckon cooking videos

This Aussie Bloke’s Hilarious Cooking Tutorials Are Essential Lockdown Viewing

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Right now more than ever, people are trying to distract themselves with food, which means many of us are learning to cook for the first time. I’ve personally never watched more Jamie Oliver in my entire life.

With most of us stuck inside our homes for extended periods, cooking videos are flooding social media, as every second Instagram influencer decides they’re the next Nigella Lawson. But one internet chef who has broken through the noise and is gaining loads of buzz is Nat’s What I Reckon and his uniquely Australian-style cooking lessons.

Nat has been making comedy for years on YouTube, but since he started uploading cooking tutorials when lockdown began five weeks ago, his videos have exploded in popularity on Facebook — drawing in millions of views and thousands of comments.

Nat’s cooking mission is to ‘hang some shit on packeted shit’ aka show viewers how to make pasta sauce, soup and risotto from scratch using real ingredients, rather than from a jar or packet. He does this is in the most Aussie way imaginable, in a swearing slur of instructions that are hilarious to follow.

If you haven’t watched Nat’s videos, reconsider your life choices immediately.

Here are some of our fave Nat’s What I Reckon cooking videos:

Quarantine Spirit Risotto:

Highlight: “Mostly use flat instruments because the earth’s flat. Look it up.”

Quarantine Sauce:

Highlight: “Just ‘cos you’ve got coronavirus and you’re stuck in your house, doesn’t mean you have to eat like a fuckwit. You can’t have toilet roll and Hawaiian-pizza-fucking-sandwiches for the rest of your life.”

Carbonara Sauce:

Highlight: “We’re gonna introduce this shit into that shit. If you put egg mix into it when it’s too hot you’re going to get scrambled egg pasta and that sounds chat.”

Sin Bin Soup:

Highlight: “Don’t be scared of leeks, I know they look weird but they’re just tall onions.”

End Of Days Bolognese:

Highlight: “Let’s be honest, the shops are full of fucking maniacs right now who have no idea what social distancing means. They think it’s a band or something.”

Check out all of Nat’s What I Reckon’s videos on Facebook here.