The ‘Neighbours’ Cast Made A Hella Cute Vid Cheering Margot Robbie At The Oscars

Margot Robbie’s Oscar Nomination for ‘Best Actress’ was an exciting moment of Aussie pride for all of us but especially her old co-stars on Neighbours.

Before Margot was starring in big Hollywood flicks like Wolf Of Wall Street, and I, Tonya, she was our very own Donna Freedman on Neighbours back in 2008. She played the role for three good years of classic soapy drama. Good times!


The Neighbours cast got together to film an absolutely adorable good luck video for Margot ahead of the Oscars yesterday, wishing her the best of luck for her Best Actress nomination and telling her how proud they all are. This is the kind of pure, wholesome content that we need.

Neighbours series faves Toadie Rebecci, Susan and Karl Kennedy, Steph Scully, Mark Brennan, and Lucas Fitzgerald gathered together to show Margot Robbie that we are all always rooting for her. Of course, Ryan Moloney (aka Toadie) said he loved her in “I, Tanya” because that’s just classic Toadie.