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A Dedication To All Those Who Played Netball’s Most Important Positions: WA or WD

You can tell a lot about someone based on what netball position they played.

If they gravitate towards Centre, for example, you know they’re not shy about being seen, are a good decision-maker, and also freakishly fit or maybe just really good at running.

Growing up playing netball, it was easy to feel judged on what position you took up. Stereotypes surround all positions, even if we didn’t know it at the time. And while there was pressure on certain positions (e.g. Goal Attack or Goal Shooter), not much love was given to two particular players. I am, of course, talking about the Wing Attack and Wing Defence positions.

Think about it. They are crucial to the game. The quiet achievers. The unsung heroes. The overlooked middle child.

So, to all those who played or still play WA or WD, we see you. In fact, we want to celebrate you.

Here are all the reasons why WA and WD players deserve so much more:

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1. They are the personification of “Here if you need!”

Apart from shouting it from the start of every game, they really do manage to be there whenever another teammate needs them. Whether it’s the goalie repositioning themselves, the Centre relying on them at the very start, or whether the WD takes the perfect intercept on court, these supposed sideline positions always have your back.

2. They’re just as important as the Centre position in getting the ball to the shooters.

Everyone gives C all the love, and we’re not saying they don’t deserve it – it’s just, they’re not doing it on their OWN, ya know?

3. In fact, they’re almost always a step ahead as it is.

WA and WD’s have to be quick on their feet and fast thinking to reposition themselves constantly to keep the flow of the game going. As a WA you’re always trying to move yourself in the best position for the C to reach you, and if that fails you need to be on the alert for the GA to throw the ball your way. As a WD, you not only guard your opponent, you’re also helping guard the other team’s Centre position. It’s no easy feat!

4. Goal Defence and Goal Keeper always get the credit because they have to stand in front of the shooter waving their arms around. One could argue the WD does a lot more defensive work.

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They’re on from the get go. They have the sole focus as soon as the Centre steps into position to defend their team. TIL DEATH.

Ok sorry, I just take netball very seriously.

5. They are often unrecognised but that doesn’t stop them from bringing their A-game.

It’s like middle child syndrome. You can try as hard as you want, but you’re not always going to get the same validation as the favourite child (the Centre).

Yes, I am both a middle child and a WA. What of it.

6. And while ultimately, netball is a team sport, the game just wouldn’t function without the quiet strategy from our fave WAs and WDs.

Not to mention, most WAs and WDs happily sub in for Centres when they have a quarter off, or just as easily slide into the GD or GA spot. They could be the most well-rounded position of them all!

7. To finish, netball’s GOAT didn’t shy away from the position and that deserves respect.

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I rest my case.