Netflix Drops New Trailer For ‘Dear White People’ Season 2 & It Looks Spicy AF

If you haven’t watched Dear White People season one then hurry the F up and catch up because season two is coming and it looks damn good.

As far as Netflix original series’ go, this one is a stand out. Not just because it’s funny and got all the romance and drama we expect of college-set TV shows, but it’s got something to say.

Dear White People is full of complex characters you can’t help but love. It should be obligatory watching for everyone (especially us titular ‘white people’).

After the first season/volume 1, there were plenty of things we were thirsty to see in the show’s return, and based on this trailer it looks like we’re getting all that and more so bring it the fuck on.

Volume 2 comes out 4 May, so get up to speed and get pumped.