We’re Officially Obsessed With Netflix’s New True Crime Fix ‘The Staircase’ & The Tweets Are Fire

For the many of us with a keen thirst for true crime, the newest (but also oldest) series to tickle your taste buds is Netflix series The Staircase.

While the series itself originally made its debut in 2004, it’s received a 2018 update with three new eps, and now all of it is available on Netflix. The show examines the arrest and eventual conviction of author Michael Peterson for the murder of his wife Kathleen.

Kathleen appeared to have died from falling down a staircase, but there’s ~ obviously ~ much more to the story. It’s a complicated case, with many twists and turns, and if you do your research… err owls.

Viewers can’t get enough of the addictive series and the tweets are, simply, just fucking hilarious.

Here’s how viewers reacted to The Staircase on Twitter:

HOW can the same thing happen twice?!

How can we believe this was a coincidence?!??

Oh shit. Is this a regular thing?

The Powerpoint pain is real.

This bit was a tad peculiar.

This family definitely have their quirks.

Let’s be real. The family is bonkers.

What kind of privileged household gift each other blow pokes?!?

This guy is quality.

Ain’t this the truth.

An accurate assessment.

But that ending was rubbish.

Bitch please, it was an owl.