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Turns Out That New Crocodile Dundee Film Was All A Big LOL & Here’s Why

Who could have seen this coming? Everyone. Absolutely everyone.

Last week, out of the blue, came two trailers for a movie that could only be manifested in Paul Hogan’s wet dreams. A new sequel in the Crocodile Dundee franchise starring Thor himself Chris Hemsworth (as well as Danny McBride) comically titled ‘Dundee: The Son Of A Legend Returns Home’.

It’s now come out via industry sources that the teaser is all part of an advertising campaign for Tourism Australia, for an ad set to air during next month’s NFL Super Bowl.

Things seemed fishy after it was revealed that the film was listing its director as Steve Rogers, a guy known for producing advertising campaigns for the likes of Nike, Old Spice and Audi.

Yeahhhhhhh, the jig was well and truly up.

The legitimacy of the film was further called in question when the behind-the-scenes photos, which are featured on the website, are only from the single scene which is featured in the trailers.

Add to this, that despite Screen Australia’s logo appearing on the teaser, the film is not listed among the organisation’s upcoming projects.

The people can all agree that this movie is bogus.

But tbh, if it was real we’d watch the shit outta it.

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