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The New ‘Queer Eye’ Trailer Is Here And It’s Giving Our Broken Hearts A Makeover

Netflix has finally given us our first proper look at its Queer Eye for the Straight Guy reboot, with a trailer that sums up the show’s philosophy in a single sentence: “the original show was fighting for tolerance. Our fight is for acceptance”.

The clip introduces audiences to the all-new Fab Five, each of whom has their own area of expertise. There’s Antoni Porowski on food and wine, Jonathan Van Ness on grooming, Bobby Berk on interior design and Tan France on fashion.

But it’s culture guru Karamo Brown who might have the biggest job, as the series looks to tackle not just lifestyle but also issues around LGBTIQ+ rights.

Case in point: “Are you the husband or the wife?” a man asks after Berk shares that he’s married. “That is a misconception,” Berk replies.

Admittedly, not everyone is on board with the reboot.

You can make up your own mind by checking out the trailer, below.

Originally published on Junkee as ‘The Heartwarming First Trailer For The ‘Queer Eye’ Reboot Is Here’

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