New Year's Eve: 13 Bangers Every NYE Party Playlist Needs

13 Bangers Every NYE Party Playlist Needs

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This New Year’s Eve is going to be bigger than my bounty of secret treasure and you’re going to need one hell of a playlist to send off the 2010s.

Thankfully, I have you covered. From the decade’s biggest tracks to some Australian favourites, as well as a couple of shiny new gems, these are the songs that always get me and my mates off the poop deck and onto the dance floor.

Estelle, Kanye West  – ‘American Boy’

My heart belongs to no nation but the seas, but I’ll never not dance to ‘American Boy’. This timeless treasure travels cross-country from San Franciso Bay to Chicago, but its scope is far wider: it’s a disco anthem for wherever you are in the world when the new year arrives.

Dizzee Rascal – ‘Dance Wiv Me’

As if filled with ancient powers, it’s impossible to not adopt a British accent when singing along to this song’s chorus. Utterly infectious, Dizzee ain’t asking you to dance: he’s commanding you, and it’s best to do as he says. It’s the only enchanting tune I allow on board, after that last time we were tricked into singing the song of the Sirens, but that’s another story…

Robyn – ‘Dancing On My Own’

The decade’s ultimate crying-in-the-club song, I’ve heard Robyn’s ‘Dancing On My Own’ also works equally well blasted right as the night is winding down to bring things back to life. Aye, it’s true. Whenever my crew and I get a little too homesick, we chuck on Robyn and dance on our own, together: it’s a perfect song to scream-sing to, arm-in-arm. The sing-a-long of your night.

Stardust – ‘Music Sounds Better With You’

Undeniable. Play it early and instantly start the dancefloor from those first disco synths: it whips mates into an all-smiles frenzy. ‘Music Sounds Better With You’ may be 21 years old, but it’s currently getting something of a second wind on dancefloors across the world – then again, it might still be riding that first wave. No matter the era, this track stays at the fore-front of French house. Considering it was produced by Thomas Bangalter, half of Daft Punk, there’s no question it’s flecked with magic.

Disclosure – ‘You & Me (Flume Remix)’

We couldn’t say goodbye to the 2010s without some EDM in the line-up. The Flume remix of ‘You & Me’ adds an explosion of synths and dub-drops to this classic Disclosure cut. Be warned, though, things get more wobbly than a sailor’s legs during his first days at sea.

Flight Facilities – ‘Crave You’

Flight Facilities are fellow travellers — pirates of the sky, if you will — and deserve a bit of love this New Year’s. It’s hard to go past the track where it all began, and impossible to not sing along.

Lil Nas X – ‘Old Town Road (Remix)’

The biggest question of the night isn’t whether you’ll play ‘Old Town Road’, but which version you’ll play. I’m partial to the one with Mason Ramsey, the Walmart Yodelling Kid: he has a voice beyond his years, as if he’s seen the worst the sea has to offer. I’m not crying, you’re crying.

Ninajirachi – ‘Water Gun’

This 20-year-old producer comes from Sydney’s Central Coast, but ‘Water Gun’ needs to be blasted all across the world. Bigger than the giant squid that wades beneath the waves, ‘Water Gun’ is the turbo club track your party needs a little later in the night. It’s perfect for when you’re already a little sweaty and getting a little tired: for me, it’s like a rejuvenating sea spray.

Slim Set – ‘Gee Up & Spray’

If you don’t know this Western Sydney duo now, you will in 2020. Get in while you can still claim them as a hidden treasure. ‘Gee Up & Spray’ is the perfect starting point; a mix of grime and Zelda samples with lines about the West’s finest chicken, El Jannah.

Rosalía feat. J Balvin and El Guincho – ‘Con Altura’

No-one is making music like Rosalía, the Spanish pop-star mixing flamenco with Latin trap. ‘Con Altura’ might be one of her more straight-forward songs, but it’s still a bumpy ride: buckle in, because there are rough seas ahead.

The Presets – ‘Martini’

Nothing is more fun than screaming ‘Martini’ in this song’s chorus. But I must warn you: you may find yourself doing it long into New Year’s Day. It’s more infectious than when a sailor feels that first spray of sea upon their skin.

Rihanna, Drake – ‘Work’

What more do I need to say? If this doesn’t play on NYE, you might just put yourself at risk of a mutiny.

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