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Pls Cringe Endlessly At This Clip Of Nicole Kidman Blanking Rami Malek At The Golden Globes

Yesterday’s Golden Globes has gifted us with a lot to talk about, mostly the ‘Fiji Water Girl’, but now we have the eternal gift of a very awkward Rami Malek getting blanked by Nicole Kidman after accepting the award for ‘Best Actor’.

It is some truly cringeworthy stuff. We can assume that Kidman didn’t realise Malek was trying to speak to her.

Or maybe, she just doesn’t know him…?

Check it out below but prepare to feel incredibly bad for sweet angel Rami.

Fans have praised the Bohemian Rhapsody star for handling the awkward encounter so well.

Tbh, if I was in the presence of Kidman I would also pathetically attempt a convo, before accepting that we will never be friends and just be grateful we once shared oxygen.