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AWKS: Ch 7’s ‘Ninja Warrior’ Rip-Off ‘Australian Spartan’ Has Been Axed After Only 2 Eps

After only two episodes that rated terribly, Channel Seven is shelving Australian Spartan…

…ya know that new series that is completely identical inspired by success machine Australian Ninja Warrior.

Sunday night’s episode pulled in only 524,000 viewers, causing the network to return MKR back into its usual Sunday timeslot.

The launch of Australian Spartan in a GIF

Competing with the likes of the insanely popular ‘Married at First Sight’ on Nine was never going to be a good idea tbh. The network explained in a statement to B&T:

“Despite the best efforts of a great team on both sides of the camera, the show has not done the job it needed to do in its current time slot.”

The series was essentially the same format as its competitor obstacle course series Ninja Warrior but with the HEAPS IMPORTANT DIFFERENCE that the contestant compete in teams rather than individually.

Although all is not lost for the reality series. Apparently, it’ll return later in the year with the reps claiming:

“Australian Spartan will take a two-week break, before finding its new home in the prime-time schedule, in line with the kick-off of the 2018 AFL season.”

That move makes a whole lot more sense.

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