No One Can Agree How Many Holes A Straw Has And The Internet Is Losing It

Some questions just should never have been asked. Some questions are enough to take down an entire civilisation.

“Does a straw have one hole or two?”

A video of two guys arguing over this philosophical conundrum has sparked a very heated internet debate that will make you doubt everything you thought you knew. Prepare to be confused:

The question has been taking over social media and people can not agree on anything anymore. Is it two different sides of the same hole? Or is each end of the straw a different hole? Someone, please help everyone is losing their minds…

The argument can be a bit hard to follow at times

People are getting all science-y on the problem

Adding analogies to the equation is either helpful or more confusing not sure

Plz we don’t need more questions.

Whipping out official definitions still isn’t helping I give up

Alright this is a bit gross but he has a point

The whole thing is too much it is causing brain damage ok bye.