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OH GAWD: Zayn Malik Has Gone Completely Bald & Fans Are Not Coping

In a v-important hair update, pop singer and professional hottie Zayn Malik has absolutely ruined fans, debuting a new hair lewk – he’s gone completely bald. No hair. Not a single hair on his shiny bald head at all.

As People Magazine reported, the big shave went down over the Labor Day weekend, while Zayn was staying with his girlfriend Gigi Hadid and their moms Yolanda Hadid and Trisha Malik in rural Pennsylvania.

Zayn’s mum posted the following pic:


A post shared by Trisha Malik???? (@trishamalik1069) on


Comments on the pic ranged from ‘omg why‘ to ‘zayn, honey, what is you doing‘. His mum posted a pic earlier showing Zayn had shaved his head to a short (but still hot imo) length, but in the most recent update he seemed to finish the job.

It’s just a big change, since Zayn was known for his extremely great hair. Among the 1D boys, behind Harry Styles of course, it was the ‘Pillow Talk‘ singer’s hair that had directioners obsessed. His hair could do no wrong.

All in all, fans are not coping with Zayn’s bold new hairless lewk:

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