One Direction, Made in the AM

One Direction Just Dropped A Surprise New Song And All The Details For Their New Album

One Directioners, prepare your nodules while the rest of us find ear plugs. One Direction took to Twitter this morning to announce the release date of their upcoming album ‘Made In The A.M’ and dropped a surprise new track that’s available right now. Naturally the internet is loosing their shit with a whole combination of words trending right now.

A video tweet around 1.30am our time confirmed the album will drop the same day as Justin Bieber’s new album on November 13.

The big treat for fans is a new song “Infinity” which is out now (stream below). The band also revealed their first album cover that doesn’t feature former member Zayn Malik, who essentially has already been forgotten RIP.

‘Made In The A.M’ will be the band’s last album after they take a needed hiatus.

Listen to One Direction’s new track ‘Infinity’

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