OSCARS 2016: Leonardo DiCaprio Wins The Academy Award For Best Actor

Well, he’s done it, he’s bloody done it! Leonardo DiCaprio has finally won an Oscar for Best Actor.

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The result has surprised nobody. Leo’s performance in historical epic The Revenant was something to behold. From the moment he tucked heartily into that bloody chunk of bison liver I could already picture the trophy sitting atop his gilded mantel piece. Let the truth be known that Academy voters get a sadistic thrill out of seeing actors punished for their art.


Looking relieved to have shaken his long-running, losing hoodoo, Leo thanked his loyal fans, followers, family and friends who had supported him from day one.

He also addressed climate change as “the most urgent threat facing our entire species” saying that we cannot procrastinate any longer and need to take action.

“Let us not take this planet for granted, I do not take this night for granted, thank you so much.”

Despite the victory, Leo’s performance was not without its detractors. The actor rarely talks during the film and some have said that pretending to be miserable and cold whilst filming in freezing cold and miserable conditions does not constitute ‘good’ acting.

Looking back at the Best Actor and Actress winners from years past, it is true that the trend leans toward loquacious performances, often including some notable physical or speech defect or, in the case of Eddie Redmayne and The Theory of Everything, both. Can we really award the big gold statue to Leo when all he did was show up to work every day and shiver? The answer is of course… yes we can… and we did. And who would wan’t to wipe the smile off his big, handsome face?

In honour of this glorious occasion I suggest a few rounds of Leo’s Red Carpet Rampage – An 80’s style arcade game where you play a pixelated DiCaprio, sprinting down the Oscars red carpet chasing the coveted Best Actor Oscar. To achieve your goal you must dodge hoards of paparazzi and an unexpectedly nimble Bryan Cranston. Enjoy.

As expected, the internet is loving this sick and meme-ers across the globe have immortalised DiCaprio’s Oscar win in Memes.

Despair no more, Leo.

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