Our Boi Osh Got Pranked On ‘Sunday Night Takeaway’ Last Night & It Was Brutal

Sunday Night Takeaway has been playing some pretty cheeky pranks on Aussie celebs and last night our host with the most Osher Günsberg fell victim.

With his wife Audrey working behind-the-scenes with Chris and Julia, Osher arrived to find his street and apartment blocked off by the completely made-up Insect Containment Authority.


We're genuinely not sure if Osher will ever talk to us again after the prank we pulled on him. Dr Chris Brown's reaction at 2 seconds says it all 😱 7pm tonight on 10 😈

Posted by Sunday Night Takeaway on Wednesday, 13 March 2019

After being questioned about his time in Fiji filming Bachelor In Paradise (“Never heard of it,” the ICA ‘official’ said), Osher was asked if he had brought back any fruit, seeds, nuts or… coffee beans.

With the beans likely to be the culprit behind the contamination, Osher then had to watch as plates, his guitar and then his coffee machine were either dropped from the balcony or “destroyed.”

osher gunsberg pranked

It was his most prized possession, the coffee machine, that sent him over the edge. “You don’t understand,” Osher said. “I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, all I have in my life is coffee!”

Thankfully they were all just very good replicas of his actual goods.

We reckon Audrey may have had a little bit of explaining to do after that one.

Osher Gunsberg pranked

Watch Osher getting pranked on Sunday Night Takeaway and the behind-the-scenes action of it here.

Oh My God

Osher, we are so, so sorry.* 😓*We're not, it made for great TV 😁

Posted by Sunday Night Takeaway on Thursday, 14 March 2019