#OysterGate: Tonight’s ‘Married At First Sight’ Saw A Couple At War Over Seafood Etiquette

Tonight’s honeymoon episode of Married at First Sight was a bit of a snooze. The only thing to liven it up was the spectacularly awkward exchange between Ryan and his reluctant TV wife Davina.

Tonight, the six couples were sent to away to various luxurious tropical destinations – and Tasmania. Some couples like Charlene/Patrick and Sarah/Telv used the time to bond and grow closer together, while others discovered they make an absolutely rubbish team. Thanks experts!

The worst of the bunch was by far ‘Instagram star’ Davina and tradie Ryan. Their relationship didn’t get off to a great start. Davina was annoyed by her groom pretty much the moment that she met him at the altar. Things haven’t really progressed well from there.

On their honeymoon, while enjoying a sunset dinner on the beach, Ryan made himself eat an oyster. This was after he ranted about how gross and unappealing they looked. Despite his comments, for some unknown reason, he then proceeded to eat it slowly while gagging. Eventually this ended in him standing up to spit and vom it up. Romantic!

This is how it all played out. We’ve given ya the footnotes:

‘I don’t care what you say, I HAVE TO eat this oyster to prove my devotion to you.’

‘Stop, you idiot. I thought you said you were allergic to shellfish?’

‘Nah m8, it’s sweet. I’m eating the oyster.’

‘This isn’t a good idea.’

‘I’m not feeling great tbh. But Davina is LOVING this.’

‘Another one down the hatch! I’m invincible.’

‘Wait a minute…’

‘Hey producers, can you get me another groom stat?’

‘Oh right, I AM allergic to shellfish. Right you are my wifey!’

‘Fuck diss shit!’

Davina did not find this expulsion of bodily fluids to be adorable, chiming in “You make me fucking sick!” Aww! Young love.

“He’s embarrassing. I just don’t want to be in public with him,” she said, as she stormed off as well as anyone can actually storm off while wading through sand.

While they made up towards the end of the episode, this was short-lived.

“There’s no affection. I’m here with my brother,” Davina concluded.

This is going to be a disaster.

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