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Penn Badgley Isn’t Here For Fans Of ‘You’ Romanticising Joe

By now you should absolutely know that TV series You has captivated a lot of fans, with many declaring their thirst for main character Joe, played by Penn Badgley.

In the show, Badgley does a scarily good portrayal playing a stalker and murderer, yet along the way, many fans were confused as to why they still found Joe attractive.

While it may just simply come down to Badgley’s cheekbones, the man himself has started tweeting about his character and he ain’t here for anyone fetishising him.

It all kicked off when one fan asked Badgley to “kidnap” them:

And he definitely doesn’t have time for anyone feeling sympathetic towards Joe:

And he’s here to dispute Joe’s sexiness:

Basically the amount of people romanticising Joe kinda scares him:

But some feedback he agrees with at least:

Though he may have to have a word with his agent soon:

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