People Think Kylie’s Baby Announce Was Timed To Shade Justin Timberlake

The best take on Kylie Jenner’s epic baby announcement and 12-minute long pregnancy-journey video is that she timed it to intentionally overshadow Justin Timberlake’s Super Bowl half-time show. Lol bury him Kylie.

Kylie’s announcement is, of course, soaking up a lot of Justin Timberlake’s spotlight today, and a whole lot of people are HERE for it.

In case you’re not up to speed, not everyone is stoked that JT is performing the half-time show. The grudge dates back to 2004, when Janet Jackson brought out Justin Timberlake as a guest at her half-time show and in a stunt known as ‘nipplegate’, JT pulled off part of JJ’s costume, broadcasting her nip (cover) on live TV.

Basically, Janet Jackson paid big time for the incident, and JT, did not. While Janet Jackson was condemned for indecency and her career suffered, JT came out unscathed and here we are about to watch him play a half-time show of his own. So weird!!! Almost like society is f***ed up and sexist!!!

And so, on Twitter, you’ll find #JanetJacksonAppreciationDay trending and a bunch of sassy as hell tweets throwing shade at JT.

Enter Kylie.

People on the Justin-Timberlake-grudge train are praising Kylie Jenner for stealing his spotlight today with her announcement and Oscar-worthy pregnancy vid. Some people even reckon that the Kardashian/Jenner’s timed the whole thing in solidarity with Janet Jackson, and they are loving it.

Whether intentionally timed or not, Kylie Jenner wins all the awards today and the tweets are hilarious.

Round of applause to genius and mastermind Kris Jenner

We hope JT enjoys Kylie’s shadow

Get it Kylie

The mother, the legend

Sorry not sorry

Better luck next time JT

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