Phone Meme: 5 Of The Most WTF Phone Moments In TV, Movies & Music

5 Of The Most WTF Phone Moments From TV, Music & Movies

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There have been a butt-tonne of inventions in the last century, but none that have influenced pop culture as heavily as the mobile phone. Facts are facts, people.

Not convinced? Switch it to silent, because I’m going to need your undivided attention as we recount five of the most WTF phone moments from TV, music and movies.

#1 When Kelly Rowland Texted Nelly On… Microsoft Excel?

Who can forget the time when two of the biggest names of the early ‘00s – Nelly and Kelly Rowland – produced the collab to end all collabs with ‘Dilemma’, the track that simultaneously slaps, bops and bangs.

The song and music video are straight fire but, to this day, no matter what I do, all I think about is… Kelly Rowland texting Nelly, “Where you at? Holla when you get this” on her Nokia flip phone using Microsoft Excel.

Phone Meme: 5 Of The Most WTF Phone Moments In TV, Movies & Music

Take a second and let that information sink in.

Is ‘Dilemma’ really just a long-winded metaphor for the dilemma that is explaining to your boss you lied on your resume and aren’t in fact proficient in Microsoft Excel?

Whatever the reason is for this bizarre scene, we are eternally grateful for its meme-worthiness and the fact the internet will never let any of us forget it.

#2 When Paris Hilton ‘Invented The Selfie’ & Changed The Trajectory Of Life As We Know It

Inventor of the colour pink, chihuahuas and everything hot, Paris Hilton also claims to have invented the selfie. Not that we have any reason to doubt our Kween, but it turns out sis has cold, hard evidence.

Remember her legendary cameo in The OC? In case you needed a refresher, Paris took to Instagram a couple of years back to remind everyone of her icon status.

“That time I was on #TheOC & predicted that #Selfies would be the autograph of the 21st century,” she wrote.


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That time I was on #TheOC & predicted that #Selfies would be the autograph of the 21st century. 😉 #SelfieQueen 👑 #FBF

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If you need me, I’ll be off getting my new favourite quote, “Camera phone. It’s the autograph of the 21st century” tattooed on my neck.

#3 Derek Zoolander’s Impossibly Tiny Flip Phone

Love it or hate it (how dare you?), Zoolander’s status as one of the most quotable films of the ‘00s is undeniable.

And who can forget one of the movie’s most iconic scenes where Derek pulls out his impossibly tiny flip phone, which, let’s be real, we all desperately wanted at the time.

What is this? A phone for ANTS?!

#4 When Aria From Pretty Little Liars Literally Forgot How To Hold A Phone

One of the biggest mysteries in Pretty Little Liars – a TV show about one big-as-hell mystery – is how Aria (played by Lucy Hale) still manages to have a chat with Spencer over the phone when she’s holding it totally and completely upside down.

Look, it’s a simple mistake but what makes it so hilarious is the fact that Reddit users refuse to let the show live it down.

“And we wonder how they could’ve not realised that Alex replaced Spencer,” joked one Reddit user. “THIS IS WHY IT TOOK YOU SO LONG TO FIND A!”

“It’s funny because this isn’t the only time it happened in the series, nor is Aria the only one it happens to,” wrote another. “But everyone focuses on this one scene.”

Let’s pour one out for Lucy Hale, y’all. Even though you don’t know how to hold a phone, we still stan, sis.

Phone Meme: 5 Of The Most WTF Phone Moments In TV, Movies & Music

#5 The Entirety Of The ‘Kiss Me Thru The Phone’ Music Video

OK you guys, just hear me out.

Besides Soulja Boy being – I’m calling it – the rapping songbird of his generation, this film clip just encapsulates exactly what it was like to get your first phone circa 2008.

Don’t even act like listening to this song on your lime green iPod Nano didn’t inspire you to whip out your hot pink Motorola Razr and confess your love to your high school crush. And don’t try telling me you didn’t call 678 999 8212 on more than one occasion, then immediately regret it because you didn’t want to waste your credit.

Besides, who can forget the fact they’re all sporting the first gen iPhone, looking fly as hell. It was complete goals at the time. Remember headphone jacks? Ugh, what a time to be alive.

Phone Meme: 5 Of The Most WTF Phone Moments In TV, Movies & Music

(Lead image: Eirik Solheim / Unsplash)

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